Q: My skin is very oily. What would be the best makeup to use so that I am not so shiny all of the time?

Choosing a foundation can sometimes feel so overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. You know your skin better than anyone so you are the best judge of what works for you. Here are a few simple tips to make you selection easier.

Consider your skin type.
For oily skin look for “oil free: formulas or ‘crème to powder” formulas.

Choose a formula built to last.
The general misconception is than if your skin is oily you should wear very sheer foundation. My recommendation would be quite the opposite. Crème based formulas tend to keep you looking flawless for a longer period of time. Lighter formulas tend to be quickly absorbed by the skin. Formulas with a bit more weight will hold back the shine longer giving you much more time between makeup touchups.

Q: I have very full lips but love wearing bold lip color and glosses. How can I feed my need for vibrant lip color with looking clownish?

Full lips are a wonderful thing! Celebrities don’t hesitate to drop thousands of dollars to purchase the perfect pout. Count your blessings. Consider your “pouty pucker” a gift. A little lip pencil is all you need to make those lips look super perfect and balanced.

Choose a lip pencil a shade or two darker than your complexion. Line your lips within your natural lip line then smudge to fade the demarcation lines, Apply your lip tone to your lip starting a the center and blending outward.

Use a lip brush for your application. It will give you a bit more control of your lip product and will place the product on evenly.

Monitor the intensity of your lip product by applying your shade in layers. Slowly build up the intensity to taste.

Q: I have very small eyes. Every time I try to great a dark sultry look my eyes look even smaller. I am dying to do the smoky eye look. Help! Is a smoky Eye totally out of the question for me?

Never fear! You will be strutting your stuff in a smoky eye before you know it! It is very true that wearing darker shadow tones on the eye can make the eyes look smaller. The trick is to take a tip from "glamazons" like Beyonce and Tyra and wear your dark eyes without rimming the eyes with dark liner. You can also apply a hint of a shimmer shadow to the inner corners of the eye. This will help the eyes feel more open and give the illusion of a larger eye.

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